The Night of Ghostly Tales was played by the following cast:

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Ghost Bus

Amy     Kim Burnett

Jess      Laura Atherton

Barny   Emily Aitcheson

Written by Serena Haywood

Directed by Neil Byden


No One There

Bex      Bryony Thomas

Sam     Helen Rynne

Wes     Alessandro Marchese

Joe       Rik Barnett

Written by Isla Gray

Directed by Jo Greaves


The Mesmer

Madame Zeddmore    Miranda Harrison

Jemima                       Emma Sylvester

Written by Mike Carter

Directed by Daniel Collard

Ghost Walk

Beth     Victoria Walsh

Terry   Paul Thomas

Aggie   Lilly Driscoll

Written by Penelope Faith

Directed by Rachel Creeger


Katy     Ruth Keeling

Matt    Richard Holborn

Will      Jared Rogers

The choker Helen Jessica Liggat and Alexandra Donnachie

Written by Joseph Lidster

Directed by Bryony Thomas 

The Brilliant See-Through Cast